These are questions that have been asked numerous times from our Support Teanóm. 

Why can't I upload a file in a task? (The editor does not seem to appear completely)

This problem is caused by an extension in your browser. 

Open the extensions in the settings of browser:

  • Firefox: Tools/Applicatons/Extensions
  • Google Chrome: Settings/Extensions
  • Safari: Settings/Extensions

Switch off or delete the unnecessary and/or unknown extensions. After you have set the extensions, try submitting the file in CooSpace again. (If you cannot switch off or delete the extensions, try to use another browser or another computer). This problem can occur not only while submitting a task, but also in a forum and a blog - we suggest you to turn off or delete extentions in these cases also. 

Why can't I upload a document into my personal storage?

When you upload a document into your personal documents, it will be added to your personal storage. According to default settings every user has a 1000 MB storage quota. If you have exceeded this quota, you cannot upload any more files. You may contact us, or your institute's CooSpace administrator, who can increase your storage space. 

It is so annoying that I cannot delete the uploaded file in a task, if I uploaded the wrong file.

Uploaded files in task cannot be deleted, because of quality assurance. (This would be like as if you would take out a submitted paper from your professor's drawer after you have already handed it in). Although it's no problem if you have uploaded a wrong file, because in most cases, you can upload a new one (if the settings of the task allow it). We suggest you to write a comment to the professor about the problem, and explain which is the right document. 

Which courses have an automatically generated scene?

This depends on the settings of the institute's CooSpace, but generally those courses have automatically generated scene which have a not deleted and not blocked course code in the EPR. 

What can I do, if I don't want to see a scene on the main page of CooSpace? 
You have to set the status of the scene to hidden.