The settings of the Microproject can be found on the left side of the main page of the tool. 

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Assign members:
 If there are more than one tasks in a Microproject, it is possible to assign different groups  of members to different tasks. This can be done either alphabetically, or randomly. By selecting Assign members, the instuctor can choose the method, and group the students. This way, only those tasks will be available to certain members, which they are assigned to. 

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Evaluate members: Students can evaluate each other, but managers can evaluate groups and individuals as well with the evaluation methods. For more information, see Evaluation. 

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 Members of the tool are listed here according to roles (members, managers).

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Notification settings: The default notification settings can be customized here. 

Settings: The same settings can be modified here, as when creating a new Microproject tool. 

Delete MProject: Deletes the Microproject tool and all of its contents.