Learning material

In this menu we inform you about the process of editing a SCORM.

Create SCORM

The study material editor can be found in the personal folder, or the folder tool in scenes. 

In the menu on the left side, click on 'study material' below New... .

Add a new chapter

Chapters serve the purpose of structuring the material, and to divide it into sections. 

Add text content

By adding text, information can be shared with students through the study material. This can be the base of further questions, and assessment. 

Add questions

Questions can be added to the study material the followign way. 

Add link

Links can be added to study materials, to make them more diverse, and by this, external sources can be linked to the study material.

Add file

Files can be added to study materials, which can be downloaded. 

Add a pop-up window

You can add pop-up windows to the learning material. This pop-ups can help to visualize additional informations. 

Finalizing and playing content

If you finished editing the learning material you must finalize it otherwise it won't be available for students.

Edit learning material

Existing learning materials can be edited with the menu that appears after a right-click on the name of the material. 

Record narration

You can record narration any of the chapters. It can be useful for example for a live presentation. 


Text and presentation content can be imported into the learning material.