The purpose of the Folder tool is to store files and subfolders of a scene in a structured way. 

Create Folder and upload files

You can upload files and create subfolders into the Folder tool easily. 

Normal Folder view

If the basic settings are set, the subfolders and files in a scene's Folder tool are listed alphabetically. 

Folder actions

You can choose from several actions in the Folder tool. 

Chronological order

Files can be viewed in the Folder tool according to the last time they have been modified. 

Tag cloud

By using tags in folders, searching for content is easier. 

Trash can

If a file is deleted from the Folder, it will be placed in the Trash can, from where it can be restored. 


Within the Folder tool, the participants of the tool can be viewed. 


In the Settings menu you can modify the settings that you have set while creating the tool. 

Download all items

You can download all items in a Folder with the 'Download all items' function. 

Delete Folder

You can delete the Folder tool from a scene in the following way.