Question bank

With the Question bank tool, you can create different types of questions (e.g. multiple choice, sorting, grouping…etc.) which you can organize in folders. By this, it will be easier to create tests, and the questions can be easily accessed and stuctured. 

By creating question banks, you will be able to import the questions into a test and share it with others, if you would like to. In Tests, there are numerous options to choose the order of appearing questions. In Question banks, questions can be organized into folders and subfolders, so every course and test can have its own folder, thus organization becomes easier than ever. The questions can be also imported from files and exported in .xml format. 

Create a question bank within a scene

You can create a Question bank in the following way. 

Management of Question banks within a scene

Question banks that are created in a scene, and can be edited by multiple users, is done the same way as in the personal Question bank. 

Find Question banks

Question banks can be found in the menu in the upper part of the page. Move your cursor over 'questions' and click on 'Question bank' in the appearing menu.