The attendance tool can be used to administrate absences, print the name list for a course, evaluate students' class work, take notes and attach files. Each member can take personal notes for each class or event, and these notes will be saved to Personal/Notes, where one can access them easily and can share them with others as well. 

Find attendances

Attendances can be found in the "Attendance" section within each scene. 

View participants

If you click on the "Participants" icon within each occasion, CooSpace will show you the members of it by different roles. 

Evaluate an occasion as a participant

You can rate an occiason with (1-5) stars.  

Personal notes in attendance

If you are a member of an occasion, you can write notes about it. By default, these are not shared with anybody, only the author can see them. 


You can also change the settings of event notifications in attendances. 

For Instructors

Find attendances

Attendances can be found in the main page of the scene, with place, date, length, and other data.

Administrate attendances

You can administrate the attendances with the namelist of it. 

Create new attendance

You can create attendances within a scene in the following way. 

Create series of attendance times

In CooSpace you can create attendance times for all classes of a course, instead of having to create them individually. To do so, follow the steps below. 


Print index

You can print the index of a class or group in the following way. 

Modify or delete an attendance

You can modify or delete attendance times. 


You can modify the notification settings in certain tools.