In CooSpace, you can send instant messages to any user with the CooSpace Messaging System (CSMS).


Your new unread messages can be found in the main menu under your calendar on the main page. Only messages that are unread are visible here. 


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Read and answer a message

If you want to read a new message, click on it (you will see the name of the sender, and that how many messages you have). To answer, write your answer in the textbox and press "Send". 


Write a new message

There are two ways to write a new message. 

1.  Search for the recipient anywhere in CooSpace (for instance in members of a scene or in a forum) and put the cursor above his/her name. A new window will appear with the label of "Send CSMS". 

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2. If you would like to send CSMS the other way, enter in CSMS menu (click on it at the left side of the screen). Start to type in the recipient's name, and it will appear under the text field. Click on it, type your message, and send your CSMS.


Block user

If you don't want to get more messages from a user then block him or her using the "Block user" menu on the left-side menubar. He or she will no longer be able to send you a message until you unblock him or her.