Basics of tools

Create new tool

To create a new tool in a scene, click on 'New tool' on the main page of the scene. 



Then click on the type of tool that you want to create. A pop-up window will appear, where you can set the properties of the new tool. 

2. Help Center

You can easily get to a certain page's Help page, if you click on the '?' icon on any page. 



3. View members of a scene

You can view the members of a scene by clicking on 'Members in the left side menu. 



4. Custom event notifications in a scene

You can set the event notifications regarding the tool, which can be different from other tools or scenes. 



5. Settings of a tool 

Here you can set the basic properties of the tool. These are the same settings that appear when creating the tool. 


6. Delete tool 

To delete the tool, click on 'Delete tool' in the left side menu.


Confirm the process by clicking on 'OK', and the tool will be deleted.