Synchronization settings

In the Synchronization settings menu, members can be added to the scene based on certain criteria. Criteria can be any data, that the company’s HR system or the university’s databases contain about members, and have synced with CooSpace. With the Synchronization settings feature, it is easy to add members, who comply with certain criteria. For instance if you want to add all the male biology students, it is easy to do so with this feature, because the system automatically selects the members who comply with the provided conditions (male, biology student). 

To access Sync settings, enter the scene where you want to import the members, and in the left side menu, click on Scene actions, and select Synchronization settings.

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Under Synchronization of members, in the drop-down menu, choose the Group membership option and click on Save. Then the synchronization based on group membership will be available.

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In the list below, the roles, which are available in the scene are displayed, and next to all of them, there is the Add criteria group button.

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Criteria group: the combination of criteria (e.g. male, cashier, no subordinates) which you would like the members of the scene to comply with. It is important to note that multiple criteria groups can be added to every role; if, for example, you would like to add the female biology students and male electrical engineering students to a scene, you need to create two criteria groups within the Student role, one for ’female and biology’ and one for ’male and electrical engineering’, and therefore all of the students who comply with either combination of the conditions given, will be added to the scene.

Press the ’Add criteria group’ button next to the role which you want to sync members to. Then a drop-down menu will appear, in which you can enter the data for the 1st criteria group. In our example, we want to add those students in the 1st criteria group, who are female and study biology. To do that, in the Group drop-down, choose category in which you would like the first criteria to be in (e.g. to be able to choose ’Felmale’ you have to specify ’Gender’ first).

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Or if you want to add all the Master students to a scene, select Course type, and then Master. 

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After you have chosen the group type, in the second drop-down, the elements of that group will appear in the second (right) drop-down (male, female). Choose one of the options, and the condition will appear in the box of that criteria group.

After adding the criteria, in the upper right corner of the box, the number of the members to whom the conditions apply, will appear. The list of these members’ names can also be viewed, if you click on the number of the results.

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If you want to delete a condition, move the cursor over the condition which you want to delete, and on the right side an ’X’ will appear. Click on the X and the condition will be deleted.

If you want to add further condition groups, click on the Add criteria group button under the existing conditions – this way the box for the second condition group will appear, where you can add the conditions for further students (or other roles) to be added.

If you have finished adding the students, you can add members to the teachers’ role (or any other role) the same way.

If you have finished adding all the conditions, click on the Save button on the bottom of the page, but keep in mind, that by this, the members will not be automatically synchronized.

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To sync the members, you have to click on the Synchronize now! button above the criteria, and the system synchronizes the members, who will be put in the specified roles according to the specified conditions, and will receive an e-mail notification about their access to the scene.  

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