Upload file(s)

You can upload new files in the selected folder just click on "New / File (upload)" button.

1. Use the "Browse" button to upload new file(s). You can select the required files from different folders and these files will be listed below the "Browse" button. To remove one or more files from this list, click on the trash icon next to them.

There is another way for upload files: it is the drag-and-drop technique when you can drag-and-drop the required files to the "Drop files here to upload" field. 

2. You can also add meta-data to the file. 

3. The description you add here is applied to all files. But in the next step you can add different descriptions to all files. 

4. Click on the "Upload" button.

5. If the size of your files does not exceed CooSpace's storage limit, the upload will be successful.