Personal events

Apart from having pre-scheduled events in your calendar, which are from your scenes, you can also add personal events to your calendar. There are two types of personal events:

  • events (for instance meetings, study groups, etc.)
  • deadlines. 

Add a personal event

Enter to your personal calendar and click on "New personal event".


  • Name: enter the name that will appear in the calendar (e.g. Meeting with Professor Smith, or Math tutoring)

  • Type: event (it has a starting time and an ending time) or deadline (it only has an ending time)

  • Timing: set the starting and/or ending time of the event/deadline.

  • Location: you can set the location of your event (e.g. Room 204).

  • Description: this will appear when you click on the event in the calendar. Descriptions can be edited, formatted and a link can also be attached to them.