Information for students

Here you can find a short description about online exams. 

1. Enter into the scene

Enter into the scene where you have to complete the exam. 


2. Enter into the exam

You will find the test on the scene's main page in the "Exams" box. Choose the exam that you would like to take, and click on its name. 


3. Details of the exam

After you have entered the test you will see its details;

  • Starting time of the exam (students can start the exam from this date)
  • End of starting time (examinees can start the exam until this date)
  • Maximum time spent with test (the amount of time that is available for completing the exam)
  • Maximum number of completions (if allowed, student can complete the test more than once, but there can be a maximum number of completions)
  • Type of evaluation

4. Starting an exam

To start an exam, click on the "Completion" button. If the exam has a password, then first you have to type the password in the text field and click on "Completion". 
If you cannot start the exam, and information window will give you the reasons for that. 

5. Completing the exam

During completion, you can see the the remaining time in the right corner of the scene. 
If the exam has more than one page, then the numbers of pages can be seen under your name. You can click on the page numbers in order to get to the next or previous page. 

Under the page numbers you will see numbers of questions, on which you also can click. 

Under the numbers of questions there are the "Previous page" and "Next page" buttons which can also be used for navigate within the test. 
Orange dots signal questions that have not been answered yet. 

An exam can have two types of restriction in navigation: (1) it is not allowed to go back to previous questions and (2) students cannot jump to the next question without answering the current one. These restrictions are shown with icons and CooSpace alerts you everytime you try to make a step that is not allowed. 


6. End of completion 

If you want to finish the exam, click on the "End of completion" button. It is only possible to click on this button at the last page of the exam.
If the time of completion has run out, then the exam will close automatically. 

7. Results

If there were no essay of file uploading types of questions, CooSpace will automatically evaluate the tests.

8. Review

If the settings allow it, exams can be reviewed by students, and the right answers can be shown after they completed the exam.