Options on the page of the task tool

Announcements regarding the task

If you would like to share further information about the task with the students, click on the 'Announcements' button on the left menu within the task. Here you can view past announcements, and by the 'Announcement' button above the evaluations, new announcements can be made. 


After clicking on the button, the Announcements page opens, and by clicking on the 'Announcement' button, you can write an announcement for all members of the task. Here you can for example explain, why you think that this task was useful, etc. After you have typed in your message, click on 'Send'.


Download all submitted tasks 

If you do not want to download all students' work individually, you can download them in a .zip file. To do this, go to the main page of the task, click on 'Export' on the left side of the page. Here you can select from 3 options. If you want to download all submitted content, click on 'Content in ZIP file'. You can also export the results into an Excel table, by clicking on 'Export results', and the file will be automatically downloaded onto your computer.