By entering tasks, professors can view submitted tasks, and also evaluate and publish them. On the namelist, the students whose name is in bold, submitted something since the last sign-in. 

Sort and filter the namelist

If there are a lot of participants in a scene, the sorting of members can come handy. 

  • Sort according to name: do do this, click on the appropritate over the namelist. Accorving to basic settings, A-Z sorting is selected, so all the names appear. 
  • Multiple pages: if there are too many members to show all in one page, they will be displayed on multiple pages. 
  • Show pictures: if set, users' profile pictures will be visible.
  • Filter according to status: if set, only those users will be visible, who are in a certain status. 
  • Sorting: the list can be put in an ascending or descending order. 


1. Waiting for submission - after publishing the task, this is the default status, until content is submitted. 

2. Submitted - after the submitter submitted content, but the instructor of the couse did not evaluated it yet

3. Under evaluation - after the instructor evaluated the content, but not yet submitted the results

4. Evaluated - the instructor has already evaluated the submitted task. 

Consultation and custom evaluation

On the main page of the task, cick on the submitted task's submitter's name, and the custom page of that  submitted task will appear. Here you have the right to change the result manually, by clicking on 'Evaluation'. Here you can write a comment to the evaluation, and evaluate the task. You can also mark the task as 'to be revised'. 


You can also give a custom deadline for a student on the same page as 'Evaluation', by ticking the 'Personal deadline' column over the Evaluation button. 


After evaluation, but before publishing, the status of the task is 'Under evaluation'. This way the students only get their results, when the instructor finished with evaluating and correcting all of them, similar to a real classroom. Therefore for the students to be available the results, it has to be published. You can do this in the following ways: 

  • If you want to publis a certain student's results, click on 'Publish' in the task dialogue. 

  • To publish all results at the same time, click on the 'Publish' button on the main page of the task. 


Fast evaluation on a list

If you do not want to start a dialogue with every student that have their tasks evaluated, you can simply evaluate the tasks in the 'Evaluationn on list' tool on the left side of the main page of the task. If you click on it, you will see a namelist with the date o submission, the status, and you can set the results of the members. 

If you are ready, you can save the modifications with the 'Save' button on the left side, and you can publish them also with the 'Save and publish results' button. 

Modify results 

 The evaluator can modify the results, even when they are published. To modify the result, go to the personal dialogue (on the main page of the task, click on the user's name in the namelist, who you would like to modify the results of), and you can modify the results, but also have to publish them.