On a newsboard, professors can inform their students about up-to-date, current news regarding the scene. It is a one-way communication form, that works similar to a real newsboard, so the students cannot answer to the news, they can only read and like them. Professors can modify the appearance properties of a newsboard, and also attach files to a newsboard post. 

Find newsboards

Newsboards of a certain scene can be found within the scene, under "Newsboards". 

View members of the tool

If you would like to see the members of the tool, click on 'Members' on the left side of the page.


You can set different notification settings for different tools in a scene. 


Post new information into a Newsboard

To create a new entry, click on the 'Create news entry' button on the right section of the page. 

Modify and delete news entries

The original poster can modify and delete the contents of the post in the Newsboard. 

Create a new Newsboard

If you have the right to create newsboards in a scene, you can do this by clicking on the 'New tool' icon on the left side of the main page of the scene, and filling the popup window with the information necessary.