For participants

Here you can find a short description about online surveys in CooSpace. 

1. Enter the scene

Enter the scene that contains the survey. 


2. Enter the survey

You can find surveys in the scene under Surveys. Click on the one you would like to enter to to see the main page of the tool. 


3. Features of the survey and starting the survey 

In the appearing page you can see the features of the survey: 

  • Start of survey - participants can fill the survey from this time
  • End of survey - participants can start the survey until this time 
  • Maximum time for completion - can be not limited
  • Maximum times of answering the survey questions
  • If the survey is anonymous, or with names

To start the survey, click on Start, and type in the starting password (if the survey requires one)


4. Navigate on the interface of the survey

If you click on the Trial completion button, the test will appear. In the corner you can see how many time you have left (if a time limit has been set).

If the test consists of multiple pages, you can navigate by clicking on the Previous page or Next page buttons on the upper left section of the page. 

The creator of the survey can set two kinds of restrictions concerning navigation within the survey; (1) the participant cannot move forward before they answered all questions;
(2) after the participant has moved forward from a question, they cannot go back. 


5. Finish the survey 

To finish the survey, click on 'End of completion'. 

6. Results

The systeme evaluates the results automatically if there was no essay-type question. 


7. Review your answers

If the creator of the survey has allowed, you can review your answers after you have finished the survey.