Folder actions

You can choose from several actions in the Folder tool. 

If you right-click on a file, the available actions will appear: rename, previous versions, copy, link, send, move, delete. 

Képernyőfotó 2015-02-27 - 13.27.03.png

Rename: The folders and files in the Folder can be renamed, just click on the Rename button and edit the file name. 

Previus versions: The system lists the previous versions of a file, in chronological order. 

Copy: The file or subfolder can be copied to other places in CooSpace. To do this, click on 'Copy' and in the pop-up window, choose where you would like to copy the file. By copying, the file will stan in its original folder also. 

Link: With the Link action, you can create a shortcut to members of other scenes or tools to a particular subfolder or file. If a link is pasted into another scene, the members of that scene will access the file through the link, even if they are not members of the scene where the file is stored. 

Send: Files can be sent in CooSpace in an instant message, while folders cannot. Selet the file you want to sent, lick on Send, and choose the recipient in the pop-up window,

Move: Files and folders can be moved to other tools or scenes, by clicking on the 'Move' option and selecting the scene or tool that you would like to move the file or folder to.  

Delete: Deleting a file or folder will move it to the Trash can. You can learn more about the Trash can here. 

Keywords can be added to folders and files, by right-clicking on the file and clicking on 'Keywords'. An editable  field will appear, where you can type the keywords.