In CooSpace, every user can set up an own Glossary with terms and definitions, in their Personal Glossary (that can be found on the lower right part of the CooSpace page). The definitions can be organized into folders, which can be imported into any scene (although there can be only one glossary in a scene). In the glossary of a scene, terms and definitions can be found in alphabetical order. Glossaries can be a handy tool for storing not only definitions, but for language courses also. 

Create a glossary

You can create a glossary by entering your Personal glossary in the upper menu on the right. 

Modify and delete glossaries

A glossary of a scene can be modified and deleted. 

Find a glossary in a scene

There can be only one glossary in a scene and it can be found in the lower section within the scene. Only those terms are available within a scene, that the owner of the scene gave members access to.