With the Blog tool, participants of a certain scene can write a blog about their learning experiences, the progression of a project, or about anything that the professor instructs them to write about. Professors have the right to start a blog and give submitting rights to students. Blog also can be used to fragment a longer content block and enable student reflections, therefore foster communication between the members of the scene.

[MISSING:a9d49cd5-7b4e-bb61-b959-6049af3fb902 The Blog tool]

Access blogs

Blogs can be found in a certain scene's "Blogs" section. 

Read, comment and rate blog posts

Click on a blog post's name in order to access it. 

Write a new post

You can write a new post in a blog with clicking on "New Blogpost" (if the moderator has allowed all members to write posts). 

Modify and delete blogposts

Within the blog, click on the title of the blogpost that you want to delete or modify. On the right side, you can see the "Delete" and "Modify" buttons.

Create a new blog

In case you have the right to create blogs in a scene, then you can do so in the following way.