Main page of a scene

Here you can find the general structure of a scene.

The amount of buttons on the left side can depend on what functions a user has access to. These can be the following: 

  • Back to main page
  • add a New tool
  • "Fill in based on an old one"
  • add a New sub-scene
  • Summary table
  • manage Members
  • edit Scene information
  • setting Scene actions
  • Scene settings

Under the top menu bar you can find the list of sub-scenes (if there are any), and then the scene tools: 

  • newsboards
  • forums
  • blogs
  • tasks
  • attendances
  • exams
  • self-assessments
  • surveys
  • applications
  • polls
  • grouping
  • links
  • idea boxes
  • documents
  • glossary

You may not find all of the tools in a scene, because it depends on the professor what tools they set up in a certain scene. 


Create new sub-scene

If authorized, users have the rights to create sub-scenes within a scene. 

Rearrange tools

According to default setting scene tools are ordered by their type. But the "Rearrange tools" menu give you the opportunity of moving tools anywhere on the scene main page. 

Tag cloud

Using tags and tag cloud help users to search in the scenes. 


Members of a scene can be found at the bottom of the main page of it. 

Edit scene information

Users who have the authorization can edit both the description  of the scene for public and for members of the scene. 

Edit scenes

Scenes can be modified, deleted, archived and activated under 'Scene actions' in the left side menu. 

Scene settings

Scene settings can be found in the menu on the left side of the main page of the scene.