Scene list

After logging in, the active scenes are listed on the right side of the screen. 


Active scenes

On the main page of CooSpace, you can see which scenes are active in the current term ("Scenes"). This is the page you automatically see when you enter CooSpace. 

Archived scenes

In order to see your archives scenes, click on the „Archived” button in the Filter category of the Main page. You can access your archived scenes from past semesters here. 

Scenes you can apply to

By clicking on the "Scene(s) to apply" button you can see those scenes, which are open to apply for. (Professors can set a deadline to apply for certain scenes. Usually there are a small number of scenes that you can apply for, because the scenes of the courses that you have applies for in you institute have been automatically added to your CooSpace.

Pending scenes

There are two types of pending scenes:

  • scene where you applied to but the application hasn't been approved yet
  • scene where you got invited to, but you have not accepted the invitation yet.

Categorization of scenes

You can categorize your scenes with different colours, and also filter them by category. 

Merge scenes

What can be merging scenes used for? 

If an instructor wants members of several scenes to access certain tools, then merge the scenes is an efficient way to do this.  

This way, the original scenes will not change, but a new scene will be created above them, in which members of all scenes are in, and they see the same tools, which are shared. 

Hide scenes

You can hide scenes, so these scenes will not appear in the current list of scenes.