Question bank

In the question bank users can create questions that can later be used to create questionnaires. The questionnaires can be used for self-assessment or as exam tests. These questions can only be accessed by their owner. 

Find personal Question bank

The Question bank can be found in the upper menu of CooSpace, under 'Questions'. By clicking on 'Question bank', you can navigate to the main page of the Personal question bank. 

Create a new question

Click on 'New question' in the left side menu on the main page of Question bank. 

Create a new subfolder

In order to always have your questions organized in the Question bank, you can create subfolders for them. 

Browse, search and preview questions

You can browse the questions in folders and subfolders. 

Modify and delete questions

Questions can be modified and deleted. 

Copy questions into folders

You can copy questions from one folder to another and insert questions from the Personal question bank to a scene's Question bank. 

Import questions from a file

In CooSpace you can import questions from various files. 

Import from text files

You can import questions from text files to CooSpace in the following way.