You can manually set e-mail notifications in connection with every tool in CooSpace. 

You can set your event notifications in the menu of your profile. Every event has a default notification status but you can manually change these. Click on the "Event notifications" menu and set your preferences. 


You can choose from three different options for an event:

  • Immediately - you get notified about every occurence right away
  • Digest - you will get only one email at the end of the day which contains all the notifications of the day (if there is any) 
  • Never - you do not get notified by email

Restore default settings

With this button you can delete your own settings and revert to default settings. By default, you get daily notifications concerning every event. 

Disable all event notifications

You can disable the entire event notification system by checking this option at the top of the page. This way you will not get e-mail notifications about any events in CooSpace.