If you are a member of several different scenes, it can be confusing to get updated with all the things that happened in them since your last login. CooSpace helps you to get the latest information in the easiest way possible. 

If you would like to get notified about the events in CooSpace without logging in, you can set up notifications via e-mail. To do so, please review if you have entered a correct email address in your Profile, and also set up event notifications. If you set up e-mail notifications, you can see what is happening in your CooSpace without having to log in every time. 

Within CooSpace, there are several ways to get notified about recent events. 


1. Notification icons in "My scenes"

If changes occured in a certain scene, CooSpace will notify you next to the name of the scene. Every tool in every scene that has a notification will be filled with colour. Click on it, an view the subject of the notification. 


Once you visited a tool, the icon will not be filled with colour any more. 

3. New tool in a scene

If there is a tool within a scene, that you haven't visited yet, CooSpace will notify you by having an orange star next to the name of the tool.